How Visionaries Get Tunnel Vision

When I started this blog, I had this idea that I would regularly share my random fleeting thoughts about what inspired me to start my own business. When you’re a business owner with a dream to build something, much of your life even outside of work leaves you connected in many ways to your work. The desire and passion that drove me to build something is central to my makeup So, I’m back, at least for the moment, and I’ve found myself at a crossroads that I never thought I would need to navigate.

I’m often asked about my motives for leaving the car business to become a vendor. This comes up frequently on calls with new or prospective clients. But the truth is, there isn’t enough time during a presentation to really flesh out the entire reason behind what drives me. It ends up coming out something like, “…had great success in retail leveraging digital before anyone else… revolutionized digital at my store… asked to speak on the conference circuit… soon everyone was calling me asking for help… writing was on the wall… knew I could do it better, so I did.” And sure, all of that is true. But the real story started with the dark before the dawn, the chaos that led to creation.

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Why NOT to Shop Samsung Direct

Samsung SucksChristmas time bring out a very special kind of stress, doesn’t it? The hustle and bustle. Finding that perfect gift… In the end it usually works out, but until then, there is a special corner of hell that opens up and lets you in for just a peek. This year, Samsung has become the bane of my existence. On December 3rd I ordered a 46″ smart TV and received my order confirmation almost immediately.

However it is now December 17th and my order has still not shipped. No big deal, though, I can just call customer service right? WRONG! When you call customer support at 1-855-726-8721 you get a really helpful message: “Thank you for calling Samsung. Due to unusually high call volume due to the holiday season we are unable to take your call at this time. We suggest you log on to and choose live chat or use Facebook or twitter where our live agents are standing by.

Well, after a lovely conversation with Mike S, via live chat I learned that live chat reps are not able to assist with order requests, and his suggestion was that I call 1-855-726-8721 to speak with an associate that could help me. Starting to see a breakdown here?

Well, let’s try twitter:

1472080_3683074131467_488714608_nThanks for that great help via twitter. Tried Facebook, but they do not respond. Tried their e-mail contact that guarantee’s a 24 hour response… but alas, no response has come.

Lesson learned: Never buy anything from Samsung Direct. 



Day 15: Judgement Day

PinnacleIt’s been a long road. There were low points for sure. But the last five days of this journey have been wonderful. What strikes me most about a dietary plan like this, is how prepared I feel for living a healthy lifestyle now that the “launch” is over.

Yes, it was really hard in the beginning… or actually the middle was the hardest part. But the end has been, frankly, easy. Waking up pain, free and well rested has been a blessing I would never have expected so early in the process. I lost 20 lbs in 15 days and am far less dependent on medication for managing my diabetes.

Erin and I are going through a 7 day transition phase back to eating solid foods which will consist of a couple of juices a day along with healthy plant based meals. Eventually, poultry, fish and even some red meats will be added back in as well. Our decision is to do our best to live a weekday vegetarian diet.

The thought of not eating meat everyday at the outset seemed ridiculous at the time. Now the thought of eating meat everyday seems surprisingly unappealing; particularly in comparison to the amazing alternatives that include incredible health benefits. For so long I convinced myself that eating healthy had to taste bad. The reality however, like so many myths, is hidden by ignorance.

I will say, however, that this journey would not have been possible for me without the even more amazing commitment by my wife to enable this transformation to take place. Many of the people that had difficulty along this journey with us had the misfortune of trying to stick to a juice only diet all while continuing to serve unhealthy food to their spouses and children. I can’t imagine how anyone could even hope to be able to succeed in such an environment. [click to continue…]


Gay Marriage and Why Words Matter

Traditional ValuesHuman Rights CampaignBy now anyone not living under a rock is well aware of the Human Right’s Campaign’s initiative to raise awareness on the Supreme Court hearing this week addressing equal rights for gay and lesbian marriage. Undoubtedly, someone will notice that I have a conservative values logo on my Facebook profile and instantly label me a bigot. So I thought it best to air my viewpoint here so that there is no confusion.

According to Global Language Monitor, as of January 1, 2012 there were an estimated 1,019,729 words in the English language. They estimate that a new word is created every 98 minutes or about 14.7 words per day. By comparison, or to give a sense of growth over time, in Shakespeare’s day there existed an estimated 60,000 words in the English language.

The Magnus Hirschfeld Archive for Sexology describes the history of marriage in Western Civilization as follows:

“Marriage, as we know it in our Western civilization today, has a long history with roots in several very different ancient cultures, of which the Roman, Hebrew, and Germanic are the most important. Western marriage has further been shaped by the doctrines and policies of the medieval Christian church, the demands of the Protestant Reformation, and the social impact of the Industrial Revolution.

When we look at the marriage customs of our ancestors, we discover several striking facts. [click to continue…]


Reboot Day 7: Point of No Return

I think I’ve done it. I’ve made it past the point of no return. Its been hell. I did crack once and have a turkey burger. But thank god for that, because without it I think I may have abandoned this entire process. Since that weak moment I am reinvigorated and ready to forge on and do this.

So what does “this” look like? Well when last I posted a lot has happened. I spent my entire day 4 feeling fairly ill. I didn’t do much. Then Day 5 was even worse. In fact, I didn’t get out of bed for most of the day. I might have made an exception if something walked by on four legs that I could have killed and eaten its meat. But other than that, I was like an angry creature hiding in the cave of my bed covers.

Monday I felt better — sort of… My energy had returned somewhat, but I was experiencing a dizziness similar to the worst spins one could imagine after a night of drunken debauchery. I worked for only a short time and relocated myself to the couch for much of the day.

Finally, last night, I cracked. The nausea and dizziness and fog finally overwhelmed me and I succumbed. Erin made me a turkey burger with cheese, mustard, ketchup, mustard and pickles. I nearly choked I inhaled it so quickly. I immediately felt better.

After a good night’s sleep, I woke up today recharged, having lost another pound and ready to take on the rest of this Reboot. In the mean time, if you’re interested in what exactly I had been eating, see below:

days five, six and seven


Day 3: The Proving Ground

Juice with Tim


Warning! Fat Guy Reveal! – If you would rather not see a shirtless 300lbs+ fat guy, DO NOT READ ON!

Let me just say that I FEEL GREAT! Last night, I went without my insulin injection. Woke up today with a 119 mg/dl sugar reading! I can’t believe it! I’m still on the pills, for now, but I never thought I’d be off insulin so quickly! Not only that, but I lost another 6.2lbs since yesterday! That’s 11.2lbs in 2 days!

day three and fourI’m halfway through my day and the fatigue and fog I had heard about has still not affected me. Admittedly, the juices have become far less appetizing. Shamrock smoothie – yuck! Green lemonade? Only slightly more palatable. But it doesn’t matter. It’s too late now. I’m on a roll — literally and its getting smaller.

The squash and apple soup would have been a very welcome lunch today, but alas, the wife is gone for the day and for convenience sake, we’re swapping day 4 and day 3 lunches around.

The green detox soup really isn’t bad. Kind of like a buttery pea soup. The Reboot salad is good and quite filling, so I have that to look forward to.

The real “winner” is dinner. The Acorn squash stuffed with portabella mushrooms is amazing. The first time I had it I thought it was stuffed with Johnsonville Brat’s – SO GOOD! And the raw carrot ginger soup tastes like a freakin’ dessert – AMAZING!
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Blendtec Beast Has Arrived!

My blender just arrived. First, I have to say, one of the real con’s listed for both this and the Vitamix blender were their enormous girth! However, I opted for the designer series Blendtec blender which features and iPhone like touch based display and was touted as being much slimmer. I have to say, this thing is no bigger than your normal every day blender. More importantly, the wife is happy! AWESOME!

First impressions: I got it in fire engine red (Call me Tony Stark). It looks awesome. If Steve Jobs and Tony Stark collaborated on a blender, this is what you would get. I haven’t blended anything yet, but as part of the juice fast Erin and I are on, there will be soup for dinner and we’re going to make it in the Blendtec.

For those of you who don’t know, this baby is 3 freaking bad ass unbridled HP! The blades can spin up to a Jeremy Clarkson head spinning 330 mph! This thing can heat up and even boil liquids! That said, for those of you looking to be healthy, boiling your soup is the last thing you want to do because it kills all the micronutrients in the process. But, the point is, it can if you want it to! It may not be a GT-R, but its a damn beast all right! Stay tuned!


This beast is AWESOME! Here’s what I’ve done so far today: Blended some juice that was rather tough to get down. Threw in an apple. Now it tastes great. Wanted some variety so later took the same juice and threw in some ginger and some ice and made it into a smoothie! YUM! Later still, made soup in it using a ton of veggies and turned it in to veggie broth and puree veggie soup. Little salt, little pepper – Not bad!

The panel for blending is so nice. There’s a button for everything you could want to make and it just does it. Magnifique!


REBOOT: Day 2 The Realization

New Life


Day 1 was a “cake walk” – no pun intended. To be sure, things feel a little different. But so far this is a welcome change. When I woke up today I went straight to the scale. Lost 5lbs! OK, I’m just saying its water weight for now – I don’t want to get too excited!

Following the regular morning routine, it was medicine time (diabetes is awesome). When I checked my blood sugar though, for the first time since I’ve been diabetic my morning blood sugar was normal! 80 mg/dl. To put things in perspective, when I found out I was diabetic, my fasting glucose was 609mg/dl. Since, being medicated I have had what “they” refer to as “high morning sugar”. Normally 145mg/dl.

I promptly called the doctor and said I was cutting my insulin in half (formerly 100 units twice a day which is a lot). She said keep a close eye on it.

So what does this miracle diet look like? [click to continue…]


Reboot with Joe First Meeting

Juicing with JoeMy wife and I are about to embark on a juicing fast. Tonight we met with our nutritionist via online webinar. The beginning of the webinar was a bit ridiculous. 20 minutes was spent on teaching people to use the internet. Now I understand that there are varying levels of computer literacy. The time and place to work this out is not at the expense of those whom did not spend their money to get an education on the NING platform and how to use Go2Meeting. This was a complete waste of my time and surely others. If there is a concern about people’s ability to sign up for a free site and click a button in a chat box this should have been resolved prior to the meeting. Frankly, I’d like to send Joe a bill for my time after this nonsense.

That said, following this absurd waste of my time, the information shared was GREAT! Fresh juice lifecycle, learning that more or less juice can be added to manage hunger was great. The emphasis was on giving your body the nutrition it was lacking–not depriving yourself and feeling hungry! AWESOME! [click to continue…]


Juice Fast Countdown

juice fastBefore we go down the path of fad diets and all the other negativity that will likely surround this post, let me just say, I already know all of that. First, however, I need to explain myself…

Recently, I reached a personal tipping point when I weighed in one morning at 325lbs. So here is the hand I have dealt myself. Read ’em and weep… I am 35; I weigh 325lbs; I am type 2 diabetic; I have metabolic disorder; fatty liver disease; and my kidney function is beginning to fail. I am in serious risk of death within the next 10 years unless I make a change. I am also an addict. I have battled addiction for much of my life and though I never hit a terrible “bottom” with drugs or alcohol, I did take a 2 year hiatus from drinking when I was still working in automotive retail when I began to have blackouts and drove home severely intoxicated on two occasions, but as usual, I digress. The point here, is that if I do not commit to a serious life change, I will end up with a serious life change in the form of the end.

Bottom line, I have been working really hard to grow my seo company; I have a nice home, a wonderful life, 3 amazing kids including our newest addition, Clover, who is only 6 months old and a wonderfully supportive wife. I’d like to stick around and enjoy all the future holds for us.  [click to continue…]