2009 Mollydooker Carnival of Love Shiraz

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111 Chop House in Worcester, MA features Incredible Wines at Rock Bottom Prices!

2009 Mollydooker Carnival of LoveThis wine has been on Wine Spectator’s top ten wine’s list 3 out of the last 4 years. There are not enough words in existence to adequately describe just how incredible the experience of drinking this wine. Prior to my initial introduction to this wine, I was not a fan of Shiraz wether 100% or blended.

This wine is a stunner with immense depth and integrity. The 2009 Mollydooker Carnival of Love starts off strong and builds through its long and powerful finish. The delightful 90% fruit weight centers on blueberry, plum, meaty cherry, cedar and cream, with a very subtle hint of mint. The tannins are elegantly polished. This is perhaps, the best year of this vintage to date. I would expect this wine to age well, so stock up and lay some down.

For the newcomer looking to experience a higher end wine without completely breaking the bank this is a guaranteed pleaser at $90/bottle (Store).

Worcester SteakhouseThe real shocker came when I visited the 111 Chop House in Worcester, MA this past weekend and found it on their excellent wine menu for just $105. Considering this is typically a $90 in the store, that is an incredible bargain. Those familiar with the great Boston steakhouses like Capital Grill, Grill 23 and Abe & Louie’s will find the Chop House to be a real contender, but will relish the Worcester price point. Also, the Shrewsbury Street location gives that “Back-Bay” feel that those of us accustomed to finer dining choices will enjoy.

With such accompaniments as a Shellfish Tower ($125 at Abe & Louie’s only $40 at the chop house AND that INCLUDES a whole lobster!) spectacular beef carpaccio and an awesome Tapas menu available until 1:30am you will be hard pressed to be disappointed. Honestly, I don’t know how they can stay in business with their prices. Nothing is sacrificed for this price point either. This is definitely a see and be seen establishment with all of the “beautiful people” one would expect to see.

In short — Amazing wine, amazing food, unbelievable prices. *Winning*

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