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Buying a House Sucks Pt 2

High School and college teach absolutely ZERO life skills. There should be a course on life skills. In fact, your senior year courses should all be “Life Skills”. I am responsible for the marketing budgets of a $150 million a year sales force, I have been a chief architect in some of the most advanced automotive seo and automotive social media marketing strategies in the marketplace today and yet when it comes to buying my first home, I am completely lost.

Buying a Home Sucks!

So I get an e-mail from my mortgage broker today telling me what documents to get together and he throws this wonderful gem in, “Too bad you guys are closing so late… Locking in for so long requires a higher rate…” I raised this concern when our buyers agent told us the owners wanted to push back the date an entire month. He told me he talked to our broker and it would be fine. HIGER RATE DOESN’T SOUND “FINE” TO ME! WTF!? And people think buying a car is tough!? Now I have a signed acceptance based on alie! […]

It starts…

I’m not getting on the couch! If you thought this was going to be a look at my childhood to see how screwed up I was or if my parents made me screwed up, well sorry. Did I forget to mention? I have ADHD. So there will be no rhyme or reason why I post what I post when I post it… Unless it is like this post which is explaining why I am posting what I am posting… PAY NO ATTENTION TO THAT MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN! So I’m buying a house