Why NOT to Shop Samsung Direct

Samsung SucksChristmas time bring out a very special kind of stress, doesn’t it? The hustle and bustle. Finding that perfect gift… In the end it usually works out, but until then, there is a special corner of hell that opens up and lets you in for just a peek. This year, Samsung has become the bane of my existence. On December 3rd I ordered a 46″ smart TV and received my order confirmation almost immediately.

However it is now December 17th and my order has still not shipped. No big deal, though, I can just call customer service right? WRONG! When you call customer support at 1-855-726-8721 you get a really helpful message: “Thank you for calling Samsung. Due to unusually high call volume due to the holiday season we are unable to take your call at this time. We suggest you log on to www.samsung.com/support and choose live chat or use Facebook or twitter where our live agents are standing by.

Well, after a lovely conversation with Mike S, via live chat I learned that live chat reps are not able to assist with order requests, and his suggestion was that I call 1-855-726-8721 to speak with an associate that could help me. Starting to see a breakdown here?

Well, let’s try twitter:

1472080_3683074131467_488714608_nThanks for that great help via twitter. Tried Facebook, but they do not respond. Tried their e-mail contact that guarantee’s a 24 hour response… but alas, no response has come.

Lesson learned: Never buy anything from Samsung Direct. 


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