Who Ya Gonna Call? Zach Billings

Zach BillingsI’m Zach Billings, a 20 year old Digital Marketing Manager and a driven individual… sometimes. From day one it’s been the story of my life. If I’m interested in what’s in front of me I will dominate it. If I’m not, I look like a bumbling, fumbling idiot. Very few things exist in the void between dominance and failure for me, but thankfully more often than not, things reside on the dominance end of the spectrum.

Working under Tim Martell, a couple things have ended up in the void, however when push comes to shove and the pressure is on, I always succeed. I take pride in always being the go-to guy when a job has to get done that is above and beyond the usual range of job duties. Very often if I’m not highly interested in what’s in front of me, it only takes pressure to get me there. Once I am, there’s no stopping me. I will often delve so deep into a topic that I begin to annoy those around me with my obsessive nature. If you’re going to do something, do it right. Right?

Currently I’ve got some easy obsessions. Ones that I needed no pushing or pressuring to engage in. Airsoft mechanics (Airsmithing), driving techniques, etc. The current topic that is sitting in the void between ‘bumbling idiot’ and ‘dedicated superstar’ is Automotive SEO (as well as SEO in general). With this one, my interest stems from both financial and personal roots so I hope to cultivate it into something significant in the near future. Something that I will dominate just like every other pursuit in my life. Or you may just think I am a douchebag extraordinaire!