Timing is everything.

Website FailRecently, my wife and I have decided to try a medically supervised juice fast. Now before you jump on me about whether or not I should do a juice fast or its pro’s or con’s, trust me I will write an article, or several when I do it detailing it and you can take your shots or tell me how great it is then. What I want to focus on today is an experience preparing for this process.

You see, there is a lot involved living for half a month or more on nothing but juice. You have to buy the right equipment. Anyone who know’s me can tell you how I do things — go big or go home. So I knew I would need to buy the best juicer out there.

I did tons of research and got a great juicer from Breville. Yes I know there is big debate on the kinds of juicers and the method they use to go about extracting juice. This was how I decided to go. I think it is actually arriving today (I’m super excited). Today, however, my wife tells me we need a blender too, so we can make the juices taste better by making them into smoothies and adding stuff to it. I know what you’re thinking (cause I thought the same thing), couldn’t we just blend from the start? No, she says there are reasons and science… I said, “fine hun. Whatever will make you happy.”

This time I asked her to do the research! Ha! I’m saving time now. I’m an idiot. She did the research. She even ended up picking out a top notch blender by Vitamix. Funny thing though. When I tried to buy the blender I wanted on Vitamix’s website, I kept getting errors! Page does not exist. We’re updating the site (it’s 3pm EST mind you).

So I can’t buy a $700 blender at 3 in the afternoon because some genius at Vitamix decided this was a great time to run a site update as opposed to, i dunno, 3am on a saturday morning? I didn’t want to call the 800 number and navigate the obnoxious auto attendant. Nope. I decided to stand on principle! I’m going to find a competitor and get something better.

Low and behold only one google search was needed to find that Blendtec was the Vitamix competitor! Reviews and video’s galore helped me to determine that there was a pretty heated rivalry between the two. In the whole foods world, this was bigger than taste’s great or less filling. This wasn’t Mac vs PC it was like Mac vs Mac! This was Star Wars vs Star Trek! I could tell there had been casualties on both sides.

After all the research I came to this conclusion:

1) Blendtec’s blenders were slightly more powerful

2) Blendtec’s blenders were less money

3) Blendtec offered the same 7 year warranty as Vitamix

4) Blendtec was designed for people who want the blender to do all the work and Vitamix is for a more hands on DIYer.

Purchase made. Saved about $200 over the Vitamix blender I was going to buy but couldn’t!

I guess I should thank Vitamix’s webmaster because he saved me money and probably lots of future time and aggravation over the more hands on Vitamix blender. I don’t know if I’d be too happy if I were Vitamix, though. I was all set to spend $767.68 with tax and shipping on their 5200 complete kitchen!

You may know I own an internet marketing company. I am always on my guys about using common sense when it comes to things like this. Be it our own site or one of our clients, we NEVER interfere with site operations during business hours. What a fail! For once, an online fail worked in my favor! WIN!

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  • Surprised to hear about Vitamix’s site being down during biz hours. They run a top-notch operation over there. Enjoy your Blendtec, though. It’s a beast!

  • Just as a suggestion, if you and your wife want to do a fast like this, I would recommend just making green smoothies in the Blendtec. When you juice as opposed to blending to with a high speed blender, you rip out all of the fiber, which is the healthiest part of the live food! Fiber is like a sponge that can easily absorb many times its own weight in toxins from your body! Juicing also spikes your blood sugar levels, as where blending with a Blendtec allows the nutrients to be more slowly absorbed without spiking your blood sugar due to the fiber still being present. A couple of books to definitely read would be Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko, and the Green Smoothies diet by Robyn Openshaw. What most people don’t realize is that the Blendtec literally obliterates the cell walls of the plants, completely assimilating the original whole food, thus allowing your body to absorb all of the nutrition from the food. Fiber IS nature’s detox system! Making green smoothies, or any smoothies you’re going to make are so easy in the Blendtec vs a Vitamix too; just press “Whole Juice”. You made the investment of buying the best blender on earth, why not get the most out of it?