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greasy salesmanOne of the more frustrating aspect to the car business is “The Art of THE DEAL”. You see the ads on TV and “Special” deals online. But is there anything really special about them? Well I can tell you first hand there won’t be this month! I guess Nissan decided that they made enough money last month and pulled a ton of the incentive money dealers use to make those great deals.

Something people should also learn about is the President’s Day/Week/Weekend sales events. These really are a special times of year and sales like this (real sales) only happen, on average, about 4 times each year. That being said, occasionally we’ll get a weekend or 4-day incentive that really rocks. The problem is that we have an “AMAZING! HUGE! BLOWOUT! MONSTER!” sale every month! As a result, customers don’t trust marketing and many miss out on some incredible deals.

Well I’m sick of it and I’m calling BULLSHIT on this! Every month I’m going to give the low down about Nissan deals. If there’s a REAL DEAL to be had I’ll let you know so you can actually get the best value for your dollar. I’ll look at all the incentives from the current year and tell you how they stack up. NO BS!

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