Reboot with Joe First Meeting

Juicing with JoeMy wife and I are about to embark on a juicing fast. Tonight we met with our nutritionist via online webinar. The beginning of the webinar was a bit ridiculous. 20 minutes was spent on teaching people to use the internet. Now I understand that there are varying levels of computer literacy. The time and place to work this out is not at the expense of those whom did not spend their money to get an education on the NING platform and how to use Go2Meeting. This was a complete waste of my time and surely others. If there is a concern about people’s ability to sign up for a free site and click a button in a chat box this should have been resolved prior to the meeting. Frankly, I’d like to send Joe a bill for my time after this nonsense.

That said, following this absurd waste of my time, the information shared was GREAT! Fresh juice lifecycle, learning that more or less juice can be added to manage hunger was great. The emphasis was on giving your body the nutrition it was lacking–not depriving yourself and feeling hungry! AWESOME!

Erin and I have been quite enthusiastic about embarking on this journey. However, when you see on paper what your daily juice “meal plan” is for the first time — IT LOOKS TOUGH. That said, it was very encouraging to hear that more juice can be added to ensure hunger is not plaguing you during this program.

All in all, barring the absurd waste of time for the first 20 minutes, I found the information to be great and super encouraging and I feel it was well worth it to spend the money to have someone to guide us through this process. More to come as we start this coming Wednesday.

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