Is the New York Times Calling All Women Whore’s?

prostitutionMIT Graduate Create’s Legalized Prostitution Website may seem like any other dating website, but dig a little deeper and you will find the similarities end quickly. Like most dating websites, men are looking for fit, sexy women, and the women are looking for nice guys who can make them laugh. However,’s sole purpose is to put young gold-diggers in touch with older, wealthy men. Spend a little time viewing the site and you’ll find it is brutally frank! They’re not looking for soul mate’s here! They want no-strings “arrangements” that trade purely in wealth, youth and beauty. The site even goes on to refer to it’s users as “sugar daddy’s”, “sugar mommies”, and “sugar babies”.

Quoted from the NYT – ‘There’s the 18-year-old from France asking for $5,000 to $10,000 a month from “a mentor who can provide me with the finer things in life and keep me happy!” And the 49-year-old investor from upstate New York willing to pay $5,000 a month for a “daytime playmate” for “intense connection without commitment.” Critics say the site is at best a convenience store for adulterers and at worst a virtual brothel, but Brandon Wade, Seeking Arrangement’s 38-year-old founder and chief executive, is unperturbed by the criticism. “We stress relationships that are mutually beneficial,” he says. “We ask people to really think about what they want in a relationship and what they have to offer. That kind of upfront honesty is a good basis for any relationship.”’

They go on to write that, ‘Indeed, most go to considerable effort to distinguish between “sugar” and prostitution. (Legally, at least, they are right; since the 1970s, courts have ruled that as long as the woman is paid for some service besides sex — housecleaning, companionship — the arrangement is not the equivalent of prostitution.) They say being a sugar baby is no more an occupation than dating is, especially when the goal of dating is to find a rich boyfriend or a wealthy husband. They routinely turn down creeps interested in nothing but sex.

Some sugar babies also insist that wives who stay in miserable marriages for an American Express black card, mansion or country-club membership are more like prostitutes than they are. And yet the blatant financial transactions leave many uneasy. Even Seeking Arrangement’s chief executive uses a fake name — his legal one is Brandon Wey — partly because he’s afraid his association with the site might dampen his chances of raising capital for a more mainstream enterprise in the future and partly because he thought the name Brandon Wade sounded more Hugh Hefneresque.’

legal prostitutionIt seems to me the real distinction is the amounts being paid. If a woman is on a street corner charging $25 for sexual favors, it is prostitution and therefore illegal. However, if you are “socially respectable” and charging thousands of dollars for a longer term “date” then it is legal and not prostitution.

What a scam! what do you think? Would you ever consider using a site like this?

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  • william Mmaw

    The girl in the photo is a betel nut girl not a prostitute. These girls are a common sight along the roadsides in Taiwan, ay look like prostitutes but are not, they sell betel nuts!

  • It occurs to me that gender roles in society have changed over the years. I have grown with my own experience that the providers are women and not men. And, typically and quite frankly many women get fed up and turn to drastic measures to avoid free loading boyfriends up and including looking for a boyfriend or long term partner on a sugar daddy website. Crazy times are afoot Tim. Cheers, Cassie