fire pitWe built a fire pit today! Nothing fancy. I dug a 3′ diameter hole carried a bunch of rocks up from the other end of the property and made a nice circular fire pit. I would just like to say for the record that digging an 18″ deep hole that is 3′ in diameter was exhausting. OK I might not be the bastion of health with my 100 extra pounds or so, but I needed a f’ing stretcher and oxygen when I was done! But, bottom line… I HAVE MADE FIRE!!!!!! YES!!!

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  • Christine

    You have me laughing….I experienced the same level of exhaustion digging a whole for my pond in the back yard this past summer. Just flashing back to that moment as I read your comments above… I could only laugh and the picture puts another element of AHHHHH on it…..awesome.

    Can’t wait for the next one…….