Day 15: Judgement Day

PinnacleIt’s been a long road. There were low points for sure. But the last five days of this journey have been wonderful. What strikes me most about a dietary plan like this, is how prepared I feel for living a healthy lifestyle now that the “launch” is over.

Yes, it was really hard in the beginning… or actually the middle was the hardest part. But the end has been, frankly, easy. Waking up pain, free and well rested has been a blessing I would never have expected so early in the process. I lost 20 lbs in 15 days and am far less dependent on medication for managing my diabetes.

Erin and I are going through a 7 day transition phase back to eating solid foods which will consist of a couple of juices a day along with healthy plant based meals. Eventually, poultry, fish and even some red meats will be added back in as well. Our decision is to do our best to live a weekday vegetarian diet.

The thought of not eating meat everyday at the outset seemed ridiculous at the time. Now the thought of eating meat everyday seems surprisingly unappealing; particularly in comparison to the amazing alternatives that include incredible health benefits. For so long I convinced myself that eating healthy had to taste bad. The reality however, like so many myths, is hidden by ignorance.

I will say, however, that this journey would not have been possible for me without the even more amazing commitment by my wife to enable this transformation to take place. Many of the people that had difficulty along this journey with us had the misfortune of trying to stick to a juice only diet all while continuing to serve unhealthy food to their spouses and children. I can’t imagine how anyone could even hope to be able to succeed in such an environment.

Right from the outset Erin removed virtually all temptation from the house and filled our home with healthy, organic produce. Now that we have completed our Reboot, she has once again driven an hour to the closes Whole Foods, to assemble a menu that will include plant based options during the week and healthy organic proteins for the weekend.

I believe that healthy living should not merely be an individual choice, but a family decision. I would even go so far as to say that it is a responsibility of parents to provide only healthy choices for our children so that they can learn proper nutrition in the home before they enter the adult world.

So many of our children are obese today and enter into adulthood already riddled with medical disease as a result of poor nutrition. We see it in our own lives. Some of our own friends have very obese children and one of the themes I encounter most often is the denial parents live in about the state of their children. But I digress…

In summary, I found the following to be true:

The first half of the fast is very difficult with good days and bad days.

The people who did this with us that never reached the “feeling good” part of this experience all cheated and ate unhealthy food throughout the process.

The people who stayed strong and did not give in to temptation had wonderful experiences and are excited to transition to healthy living.

The plant based food that we have tried so far as part of the diet has been incredible tasting.

Our cost for groceries for all organic healthy food is about the same as the cost for all of the unhealthy food we were previously eating. The difference is that it takes far less healthy food to feel full than it does the processed food we had been eating.

Would I recommend this diet plan?

ABSOLUTELY! But there are some definite caveats. I would recommend this if you are single or in a committed relationship whereby your partner is willing to take this journey with you. Otherwise, I would expect this to end in failure. The only exception to that is if you are willing to take a vacation and seclude yourself from your family to do this on your own. However, again, the commitment to live a healthy lifestyle after the diet may be unachievable with out the support and commitment of the entire family.

That said, I believe this is a choice every family should make. Thanks to everyone that has been so encouraging to both myself and Erin as we went through this process; you were truly an inspiration to persevere when times were tough. I wish you all health and success!

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