Blendtec Beast Has Arrived!

My blender just arrived. First, I have to say, one of the real con’s listed for both this and the Vitamix blender were their enormous girth! However, I opted for the designer series Blendtec blender which features and iPhone like touch based display and was touted as being much slimmer. I have to say, this thing is no bigger than your normal every day blender. More importantly, the wife is happy! AWESOME!

First impressions: I got it in fire engine red (Call me Tony Stark). It looks awesome. If Steve Jobs and Tony Stark collaborated on a blender, this is what you would get. I haven’t blended anything yet, but as part of the juice fast Erin and I are on, there will be soup for dinner and we’re going to make it in the Blendtec.

For those of you who don’t know, this baby is 3 freaking bad ass unbridled HP! The blades can spin up to a Jeremy Clarkson head spinning 330 mph! This thing can heat up and even boil liquids! That said, for those of you looking to be healthy, boiling your soup is the last thing you want to do because it kills all the micronutrients in the process. But, the point is, it can if you want it to! It may not be a GT-R, but its a damn beast all right! Stay tuned!


This beast is AWESOME! Here’s what I’ve done so far today: Blended some juice that was rather tough to get down. Threw in an apple. Now it tastes great. Wanted some variety so later took the same juice and threw in some ginger and some ice and made it into a smoothie! YUM! Later still, made soup in it using a ton of veggies and turned it in to veggie broth and puree veggie soup. Little salt, little pepper – Not bad!

The panel for blending is so nice. There’s a button for everything you could want to make and it just does it. Magnifique!

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