And the LAZY shall inherit the earth…

IneptRecently, one of my companies, Wikimotive, has been looking to hire a copywriter in the Northern MA or Southern NH area. This position comes with incredible flexibility. But there were a couple of requirements. The person only needs to report to the office once a week. They have to be reasonably local (Within 50 miles or something). And they have to be able to follow our writing requirement. (As the position relates to SEO for small business)

What has been shocking to me is how many people have applied for the position that have spelling and grammar issues in their cover letter and their resume! Now, look, I am no Shakespeare, but then I am not applying to be a copywriter either! SERIOUSLY!? You want to be a copywriter and you don’t proofread your own resume or cover letter!?

As is my usual impulsive nature, I fired off a quick FB post about this. Much to my surprise, one of the people who commented on the post took the position that I as an employer was being too picky! Here is the response:

“people are just tired of getting rejected…I mean really, how many resume’s should a person have to submit to just get a job? Not to mention… assesment testing, 3 interviews for one job your applying for…no call back either way…personally the hiring process these days sucks! Employers are too picky when it comes to hiring someone who wants to work…I love how those who are Working and not struggling to make ends meet stereotype those on unemployment…Welfare people are the ones you should be complaining about…Unemployment checks are less than half of your regular pay when working…you try it and tell me it is a vacation….Here is the soultion….Greedy Ass Employers need to stop laying people off …they do just to save a buck… Selfish….If you take a good look at resume’s, the ones on unemployment are the ones applying for the job not welfare recipients…you are going to judge someone because of misspellings? Sad…Maybe their spell check is making the mistakes…most people do use it when writing a resume’ …did you ever put that into consideration?”

Now to be fair this was the 2nd comment. Someone before this made a sarcastic comment about Obama and entitlements (which I just happen to agree with lol) and so some of the response is geared toward that. But that said, this comment really illustrates the mindset of what is wrong with many job seekers today.

There is a pervasive theme of good enough. What I didn’t say in the FB post is that in addition to all of this. A vast majority wanted to know if they could just not come in once a week and work ONLY remotely. Many also wanted to know if they could change our writing requirement! There were only three things that were non-negotiable. Yet the first question most asked was if they could change the requirements!

And lets look at these outrageous requirements:

1) To report to the office once a week!

2) To follow our writing requirement

Think about that!

Employer: “Hi we’d like to hire you to do job A.”

Prospect: “Hi I saw you were hiring for job A, I wonder would it be OK if I just didn’t do that job and did job L instead? Also, about that coming to work once a week thing. I’m not sure thats for me. When can I start?”

Now I know it may sound cliche and maybe even make me sound old… But, WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO!!!!???? If someone were to tell me this, I would be skeptical as to the veracity of such a story. It sounds like something out of a whacky office sitcom.

Now it is interesting, though, because there are two different learning experiences here. On the one hand, the resume’s and job applicants are inexcusable. But the response to my Facebook post intrigued me. I know, now you’re thinking I’M the crazy one. Or maybe that I’m even a little masochistic but I had one of my “feelings.” I don’t want to spoil the surprise and I’m not even sure how its going to turn out yet. But there will be a blog post on that aspect of this bizarre encounter coming soon!

Sound off! Am I being too picky about hiring someone!? Or do you agree? Are job seekers doing too little? Tell me what you think! Or post it on my FB page!


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